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New for Spring 2016: The “Strata Collection” from Chella Textiles

We are eager to introduce you to Chella Textile’s new “Strata Collection” for Spring.  For those of you who know Chella, you know that all Chella Textiles are made with an unparalleled passion and commitment to creating the finest, most-interesting, performance fabrics in the world. We don’t make the most; we just make the best, and invent amazing advances in fabric and weaving technology along the way. We can’t help it. It’s our love of fabric that drives us to extremes.

The best part about Chella Textiles is that in addition to their elegance and beauty, Chella Textiles are made with 100% solution-dyed fibers. Chella Textiles are not just suitable for outdoors, but are guaranteed for 3 years against loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions including: stretching, mildew or intense sunlight damage.

Please emails us through our “Contact Us” page with any questions related to our “Strata Collection”, or any of our extraordinary award-winning textiles.


Lee Menichella, President


1600-42 - Argento

1600-51 - Kiwi

1600-75 - Ink

1600-22 - Carnelian

1600-20 - Sand Dune

1600-120 - Ruby

1600-106 - Lapis

Sustainable Fabrics

1400-121 - Terracotta

1400-120 - Ruby

1400-05 - Thistle

1400-21 - Alabaster

1400-39 - Blu Navale

1400-42 - Argento

1400-51 - Kiwi

1400-18 - Aegean

1200-05 - Thistle

1200-120 - Ruby

1200-42 - Argento

1200-18 - Aegean

1200-39 - Blu Navale

1200-51 - Kiwi

1200-121 - Terracotta

1200-21 - Alabaster