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About Chella

In 1999, textile industry visionaries Lee Menichella and Scott Bodenner dared to ask these questions: Why are outdoor living spaces limited by such a poor selection of fabric choices, and…

Why can’t outdoor fabrics look and feel as beautiful as the world’s finest fabrics?

Lee and Scott envisioned a world where high performance fabrics could transform indoor and outdoor living with more
luxury, beauty and durability than ever before imagined.

As an artisanal textile manufacturer, Chella has established
a big reputation for innovating many design ‘firsts’ such as
outdoor chenilles, metallics and matelassés — all while
keeping its customers first. Chella has won wide acclaim for
its luxury performance fabrics including: eight ADEX Platinum
awards, seven ADEX Gold awards, and a prestigious
Interior Design Best of Year award.

Rely on Chella to take your designs to a new place.

Montecatini Papaia and Garibaldi by Chella Textiles
The industry’s first solution-dyed acrylic chenille for indoor or outdoor use

Chella Textiles