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Chella Innovations & Awards

For the past 14 years, Chella Textiles’ visionaries Lee Menichella and Scott Bodenner have imagined and executed a series of “firsts” in 100% solution-dyed acrylics and polyolefins. Exceptionally beautiful and uncommonly durable, for use both indoors and out, these logic-defying performance fabrics define the livable luxe for which Chella is renowned. When you see, feel, and experience Chella Textiles first hand, it will come as no surprise that to you that Chella Textiles have garnered prestigious industry honors year after year.

Chella Innovation Firsts

First solution-dyed acrylic embroidery
2003, Versailles

First solution-dyed acrylic chenille
2005, Montecatini

First solution-dyed acrylic jacquard woven chenille
2006, Aretha

First solution-dyed acrylic aluminum-coated metallic sheer
2006, Glissando

First solution-dyed acrylic lino weave sheer
2006, Sun Screen

First solution-dyed acrylic true matelasse woven with stuffer yarn
2007, Spiral Metalasse

First solution-dyed acrylic tweed with boucle yarn in both warp & fill
2007, Coco Tweed

First solution–dyed acrylic “raffia” (woven of polyolefin fibers)
2007, Crystal Raffia

First solution-dyed acrylic velvet
2007, Plush Velvet

First solution-dyed acrylic boucle
2007, Luxe Boucle

First solution-dyed acrylic embossed velvet
2008, Amazonia Velvet

First solution-dyed acrylic Epinglé
2008, Classic Epinglé

First solution-dyed acrylic Linen
2014, Linen Tweed

Interior Design Best of Year

Best of Year 2012, Outdoor Fabrics
Framework, Opalescent

Award of Merit 2006, Outdoor Fabrics


2014, Pools, Sand Dune
2012, Framework, Opalescent
2011, Murano Strié, Periwinkle
2010, Opalized Quartz
2010, Topographie, Sand Dune
2009, Meander, Moss
2007, Scroll Moderne, Moss


2014, French Knot, Thistle
2013, Facet, Smoke
2013, Velluto
2010, Endless Ribbon, Sea
2009, Amazonia Velvet, Alabaster
2007, Lux Boucle, Alabaster
2005, Aretha, Sand Dune/Creme


2009, Classic Epinglé, Coco

  2014 ADEX Platinum Award
Pools, Sand Dune

Pools, Sand Dune
2014 ADEX Gold Award
French Knot, Thistle

French Knot, Thistle
2012 Interior Design Best of Year
Framework, Opalescent

Frameword, Best of Year
2012 ADEX Platinum Award
Circuit, Sandstone

Circuit Sandstone

2006 Interior Design Award of Merit

Best of Year 2006